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The Five Secrets of Mathematical Thinking

What mathematicians don't really tell you, but this is what they all do!

Mathematics Anonymous

A 10-step program for becoming confident in math!

Think Like DaVinci--The Full Course

Find out how you can expand what you learn in the workshop--on your own.

DaVinci Style Learning -- How to teach it!

Learn this method for making your thinking flexible, and see how to teach it to others.  Here are the outline and glossary for the training.

Bibliography for Thinking Like DaVinci

These books can help you DAVINCI-fy Your Mind!

Math and Parenting

Here's how parents can help their child do well in math.

Unintentional Racism in Math Class

Non-racist math teachers can unintentionally do racist things. Check out this survey!

The Anti-Prejudice Mindset

What do you need to bear in mind in order to think and act without prejudice?

Why Smart Kids Can Have Trouble with Math

Sometimes the smarter you are, the harder math is. Why??? What can you do about it???

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