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DAVINCIfy Your Brain!

The Think Like DaVinci! Workshop:

A unique, inspiring workshop experience of art, math, and creativity...for all ages...for lifelong benefit!


During her decades of teaching, Ruth Sullo--nicknamed “Square Ruth”--has developed an innovative method that teaches you how to do both math and art. She helps non-drawers learn to draw, and helps math avoiders learn to compute with confidence. Her method is based on connecting these two skills, so that you can learn how to reverse your thinking style used in each one in order to learn how to do the other!

Leonardo DaVinci used his brain like this, and so can you!

First, Ruth teaches how to draw an object realistically and how to become aware that you are using the unique style of thinking--and seeing--that artists use. Second, you learn how to reverse that artistic thinking style in order to do some interesting and useful math--and how to become aware that you are using the unique thinking style that mathematicians use. You may be amazed at how easy it is to get your mind to switch back and forth!


Come and have an exciting hands-on experience with art, math, and creativity. Learn these skills in a whole new way. Learn about the mathematical wonders of the Golden Ratio and the Mobius strip. Learn the “natural” way to draw. Expand and enrich the creative impulse that you were born with.

...You may surprise yourself with what you can do!

Contact Square Ruth for details and upcoming dates.

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