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Leonardo saw himself as multi-talented, and so can we all. The secret is in keeping our brains flexible, and using skills in one subject area to enhance how our brain works in another subject area. 

Ruth Sullo is a veteran teacher of mathematics, with 33 years in the classroom, and is a lifetime member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Association for the Gifted. She also teaches art and creativity. With her unique methods, she helps people uncover new talents and enjoy their many gifts.

Commencement Address at Talcott Mountain Academy

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Ruth will be presenting her workshop entitled: "You Can Think Like DaVinci!"  at several Minds in Motion conferences for children this spring. For further info, go to ctgifted.org.

Here are the dates and places for those Minds in Motion events:
Mar 8 Middletown
Apr 26 Canton MS, Canton

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